When Evon and I moved to the Northwestern part of town we went looking for a church. At St. Thomas the Apostle we found these giant barbecue pits and I knew we were home. I wanted to know the guys that operated those pits, and it turned out they were the Knights of Columbus. I immediately signed up. While it might have been the anticipated comradeship of working the pits that was the initial attraction I quickly realized and embraced our mission of service to our church and community. We take care of the many projects our priest needs done around the church including helping to fund the larger projects for our growing parish. 

We use these pits for our catering jobs which is how we raise money for our charitable works. These pits are often hot throughout the year but the day before Czechfest is my favorite. We spend a whole day smoking brisket for tomorrow’s dinner. Tonight they are sealed in coolers to baste in their own juices. The results are universally amazing and spending a whole day with my church friends, away from my normal challenges is a welcome change of pace.


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