Family Lawyers know that when people are getting divorced they often act in ways they would not ordinarily behave. A divorce comes with feelings of rejection, insecurities, anger and betrayal. Dealing with issues like that can cause people to lash out even in front of their children. It is hard on children to watch their parents fight and during a divorce some parents can’t resist the opportunity to fight while they exchange their children. 

Judge Westergren and I noticed this and we had a conversation about how to allow parents to exchange their children without seeing each other thus eliminating the children having to experience their parents fighting. 

Judge Westergren was also concerned about what to do when a parent is accused of child abuse. You don’t want to place a child with a person who might abuse that child, but you don’t want to deprive a child of a parent who might have been falsely accused of abuse. He wanted a place where children could safely visit an accused parent.
I got a nonprofit to provide a place where one parent could drop off the children and then leave before the other parent came to pick up the children. They would also provide a secure place where supervised visitation for an accused parent can take place. 

Providing these services is expensive and numerous organizations have taken up the effort but have had to close down. Many Family Lawyers have taken up this cause because it is so important. The best Lawyers and the best Judges don’t just handle cases, they look for ways to improve the system and make things better for the people who find themselves in the litigation.

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